iPod Nano Flying Off NJ Shelves

By Richard Menta 9/10/05

As I stood in the Apple store at the Bridgewater Commons mall in New Jersey my eyes stayed glued to the line. I was coming back from the job and the mall itself was not too crowded, but the buzz of activity in the Apple store was evident.

I came in to pick up my review unit for the iPod Nano and as I perused the accessories section next to the sales counter I could hear the orders from the line behind me. The sales counter had a box filled with 2GB and 4GB Nano units in both colors and they were handing the $200 portables out as if they were free.

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"I'll take a white one" said a mother with a toddler in tow. After her a man purchased a black one with 4GB and a white one with 2GB. He acquired his $450 worth of MP3 players with such a matter-of-fact attitude it seemed like he was really only came in to buy a couple of packs of cigarettes. Come to think of it, the tiny boxes containing the Nano remind me of those Dunhill cigarette packages from Britain.

As I took my place behind the line I watched as one by one every single person but one acquired their Nano. That person was picking up an iMac G5 and she decided to get the now defunct iPod Mini with her puchase. I guess the daughter she mentioned going to college hadn't heard of the iPod Nano yet. I can see her giving her mother explicit instructions for the Mini (because you know how parents like to screw that up).

After I got my unit in hand, just in time to watch an employee pull another small crate of Nano players from the back, I did a quick tour of the mall and stopped at the Discovery store. Discovery had on display in its own plexiglass case the updated version of the Creative Zen Micro.

Not noticing that I was already holding a bag with a picture of the iPod Nano on it (it was a small bag in all fairness) a store clerk came by and started to extol the virtues of the Zen Micro. As she spoke another sales clerk joined us and he mentioned all the features not available in an iPod like the FM tuner and voice record. I had already tucked the small iPod satchel into a larger bag and as they gave me the brief pitch I noticed one clear fact.

No one else in the store showed any interest in the Zen Micro. It stood alone in its case in the front of the store, casually ignored. I thanked the clerks for their time and left.

It looks like it is going to be a tough Christmas for iPod killers this year.


The 4GB iPod Nano is available on Amazon

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