iMesh Filter Not Perfect

By Jon Newton 11/03/05

It seems iMeshers can download copyrighted Organized Music tracks by 1970s rockers, which they shouldn't be able to do because none of the corporate sites, iMesh included, are licensed for this.

But, "using the company's new service, it requires only a quick point and click of the mouse to download several of Led Zeppelin's biggest hits," says CNET News

"In a sample of searches performed by CNET, the same was true of songs from Green Day's latest album, a handful of tunes from The Black Eyed Peas, and other copyrighted works - precisely what the company's new filtered file-swapping model was created to avoid," says the story.

Jon Newton

Not to worry, though,

"We don't see this as a long-term challenge," iMesh boss Bob Summer is quoted as saying. "Given that we're in an early beta phase technology, issues are to be expected. These are isolated problems which we are diligently working on fixing."

iMesh isn't having a lot of luck.

The MPAA's (Motion Picture Asssociation of America) new anti-pirateer Bob 'Boba Fett' Pisano is apparently zeroing in on iMesh users, which we thought passing strange since these days, iMesh, formerly indie p2p, numbers itself among the ranks of the korporate klans.

And p2pnet understands its report of the imminent arrival of the beta threw several carefully organized PR plans seriously out of whack.

Stay tuned.


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