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By Jon Newton 2/7/05

Yesterday, I ran a post headed up ExLite - doing well : ) which included this: "Almost as soon as the MPAA used foreign police forces as tax-payer funded movie industry cops to shut down Suprmova and a couple of other BitTorrent sites, eXeem, a commercial joint venture between Swarm Systems SuprNova aiming to build on Sprnova's near cult status, came into being. eXeem carries Cydoor adware/spyware app which ends up on users’ computers and predictably, eXLite, a version without Cydoor, soon appeared."

I'd run an earlier story on the subject and had tried to contact someone on the development team. But I didn’t get a response.

Jon Newton

But before I continue, here's a brief digression:

I have very strong opinions about events within the world of corporate entertainment where black is white and where lies are routine forms of communication. But when it comes to what’s happening within the p2p community, I try to keep it simple by reporting what's happening without taking sides.

So ....

Double Vision

I wasn’t aware there were actually two anti-Cydoor eXeems on the loose – Dan’s original eXLite, or eXeem Lite, and a second, unheralded version also called eXeem Lite, with one of the creators of Kazaa Lite on its team.

In my post, I’d wrongly assumed they were one and the same and that I was talking about Dan’s original eXLite – hence the enthusiasm.

And that’s when things went sideways.

The app in my story was, in fact, made by people in Poland and Germany and still had Cydoor on board, although it had been blocked. It was being promoted from http://www.exlite.pl/

DO NOT USE WWW.EXLITE.PL!!!!” – said a p2pnet Reader’s Write shortly after my post went up. “You should check the forums at www.exlite.net. According to a post there in Announcements, both www.exlite.pl and www.exeemlite.com are actually ANTI-exeemlite sites. The software from there not only STILL contains Cydoor but also modifies your PC's hosts file so that exlite.net becomes unreachable. I have not personally confirmed this, but then again it won't be hard to do an install and then check your hosts file for modifications. So...heads up.

There were more in the same vein.

Although I didn’t have a contact for Dan’s version at exlite.net, I was in touch with the people who’d made eXeem Lite #2 which I still thought was the original eXLite. They told, me, We know who they are.... and we know what we are doing..... you didnt read this comment.... ‘Warning: - The 'eXlite' builds of eXeem Lite are created by a online scammer. He is the creator of TorrentP2P, a rip off of the spyware free filesharing program KCeasy (http://kceasy.com/). Do not trust this person, let alone download any software he releases. HE DOES NOT DESERVE YOUR DOWNLOADS!" - http://www.zeropaid.com/php/comments/comments4.php?pID=12331’

Our eXeem Lite is real clean version. We have the latest version without Cydoor. They have only 0.18, because nsane made it for him and he know also the true.... and they can not compile new version. They just envy our version.... That's all what can I say about it.... You can believe us or this scamer...

You can see the above posts, and others, in the Readers’ Writes under my first story, which I took down as soon as I saw there were problems.

One of the things people in the eXLIte camp were complaining about was that in the eXeem Lite version was blocking the www.exlite.net and www.exlite.tk sites through the Windows Hosts file.

I might have spotted the problems earlier than I did. But yesterday was my birthday, we had guests and I wasn't watching as closely as I might have been.

Be that as it may, last night, I emailed crosskirk@irc.pl and lesres@op.pl, two of the three people listed on eXeem Lite .pl site. The third, bArT8472, didn’t have an email addie linked to it.

I said:

Did you guys spot Dan's ExLite when it first showed up, thought it was a good idea and tried to do your own version but didn't do much of a job on blocking Cydoor? or were you perhaps were making a Lite version and didn't know there was another one already out there? And why was an attempt made to block exlite.net and exlite.tk sites through the Windows Hosts file?

Here’s CrossKirk’s reply:

I am CrossKirk the "leader" of the exlite.pl project. My English isn't that good as LesRes's but I hope you will understand me.

It's truth, Dan's Exlite was first, after he has released his first version of eXeem Lite I decided to start a separate eXeem Lite project, known as exlite.pl. I helped in making Kazaa Lite, an adfree & spywaree version of Kazaa and now I wanted to lead a same good eXeem lite project .

We released eXeem Lite 0.20 with CyDoor, it’s truth. But the CyDoor doesn’t work because it is blocked by the HOSTS file. We will release tomorrow a new version of eXeem Lite 0.20 where CyDoor will be completely removed and we will remove exlite.net and exlite.tk from the HOSTS file. LesRes put it in, it was a big mistake sorry for this, will never happen again.

We have also written a detailed FAQ about the exeem network, you wouldn’t find same anywhere because I have written it. We have also published the fisrt exeem translation; german and soon will follow other translations to bring exeem lite to users from other countries.

Putting exlite.net and exlite.tk was a mistake, we wanted to change it in the next coming version because it isn’t fair play.

We want to improve eXeem P2P, make it better then other P2P Clients, you can see it at our work, the biggest detailed FAQ, helpful startpage, exeem lite translations and removing Cydoor from the newest versions of exeem, its realy hard to remove it.

We are the only who will publish a working adwarefree and spyware eXeem Lite 0.20 tomorrow.

I hope you can understand me, putting exlite.net and exlite.tk in the HOSTS file was a mistake, which will not happen again. Tomorrow we will release a fixed version.

In the meanwhile ...

... WarXchild had posted a comment which said:

This is WarXchild from the www.exlite.net. Let us set this straight based on facts.

First of all im surprised that you have not even bothered to visit www.exlite.net or talk to any admin there. [In fact, I had visited the site, and registered as well - Jon] I first posted regarding the malicious exlite.pl installer on our forums (go to www.exlite.net, click on Announcements topic and read "Warning") . Thats how this whole thing first came out of the box.

Second, to make your invesitgation easier, go to www.exeemlite.com . Notice the download posted there is the same exlite.pl download. Now look at the "Chat" link on exeemlite.com, howcome it points to OUR IRC chat channel? Is this yet another scam to think its coming from us? Its funny that they post that as their IRC channel, yet if you go into the channel we will tell you its a fake.Their client take you to an anchor page where they mention that exeemlite.com is one of -their- official channels. If so, howcome it points to -our- chat channel? Its all scams from the fake websites, the chats pointing to us, the look of the exeemlite.com site to resemble our old one, and to blocking our sites.

Three, I have never censored or blocked posts mentioning exlite.pl . Instead I mentioned it still had Cydoor and only blocks it through the HOSTS file. We gave people the choice to choose whatever they want as we have nothing to hide. Niether did we resort to scams or tricks to "lure" people.

Further more, we had absulutly no comlpaints regarding our version having Cydoor, installing HOSTS files, or any other trickery. Simply because it does not.

Based on these simple facts above which one do you think is legitimate? The weird anomolies regarding the chat link on exeemlite.com should be sufficient.

If the only thing "some" people are holding against eXlite is that somehow he ripped off Kceasy, and whether that is true or not, it still does not change the merit of the eXlite client he provides.

You have mentioned that you will contact the developers of eXlite in "poland". That comments gives the impression that you already know who the real developers are, and thus there is no need for "confusion", which is apparently not the case. In addition that it doesnt seem that you have tried to contact anyone from www.exlite.net to get their input on this matter. Which seems a bit biased to me.

also do not understand your comment that you do not believe there is any malice involved. How can you say there is no malice involved when they admit to blocking their users from accessing other websites on the internet without their consent, and they only come clean when someone found out and exposed them?

After I first broke the news about the HOSTS file, someone at exlite.pl contacted me appologizing and saying they will remove it from their next version. Frankly it might be more "sane" for us to drop exlite completely and save our selves the pain of having to go through these things.

On that note, eXlite (dan) has released his own P2P app and its available for beta testers. And I am in the process of developing another one based .torrents. Like many others, although I think the exeem idea is commendable, I think its implementation is lacking. But to each his own.

Thank you for your time, and im sorry if I have come off a bit on the "negative" side, im sure if you were in our shoes you would be a tad bit ticked off as well.

My original story.
And before you start slamming me, bear in mind that when I wrote this, I was under the impression that I was referring to the 'Dan' version.

The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) has unwisely decided to follow fellow-enforcement organization the RIAA’s lead in trying to sue p2p file sharing out of existence, even trying to drag parents into its cop web.

It won't work any more than the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) will be able to regain market share by hammering its customers with lawsuits.

Almost as soon as the MPAA used foreign police forces as tax-payer funded movie industry cops to shut down Suprmova and a couple of other BitTorrent sites, eXeem, a commercial joint venture between Swarm Systems SuprNova aiming to build on Sprnova's near cult status, came into being.And with it came Cydoor, an adware/spyware firm that's well-known in the corporate music biz, with all that implies. As a p2pnet reader, said,. "Suprnova was great, but I don't trust eXeem with Cydoor spyware at all" and indeed, only the na´ve will use it.

Almost instantly, some people in Poland and Germany slammed Cydoor shut, and hard, with eXeem Lite. And it’s doing well, its creators tell p2pnet.

eXeem Lite 0.20 is now out with an additional nodefix in 0.19 – as well as the eXeem/eXeem Lite FAQ.

"We first translated eXeem Lite into German," says the team, “but we want to add also Polish, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and maybe even Chinese."

As things stand, Cydor is there, but it's been stymied. However, there'll shortly be an eXeem Lite sans Cydoor.

What's coming up in new releases?

A squeaky clean app in different languages and with a selection of skins - and movie previews.

"We hope we'll gain the trust of eXeem/BitTorrent users and like Kazaa Lite, our program will become popular because it’s free and it supports p2p without spyware," the developers told us.

So onwards and upwards. And if you're interested in helping out, the eXeem Lite team is looking for beta testers.

And finally ...
.... someone associated with eXLite may have tried to contact me. I get a huge amount of spam every day and I try to sort through it by hand on the server so as not to lose a genuine message, which has happened.

When I was filtering the spam by hand, I may have accidentally deleted an eXLite message . So if that’s the case and someone on the team sees this, please let me know.


Cheers! And all the best ...

Jon Newton is the editor of p2pnet.net and is a regular contributer to MP3 Newswire. Jon's site is devoted to the politics of digital music and his insights as well as those of his co-writers can be read there. We urge you to explore it.

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