eXeem Lite is Spyware Free

By Jon Newton 1/22/05

eXeem, the joint venture between Swarm Systems and the late lamented SuprNova, is being promoted as the hottest download of the year and promises to bring all the benefits of BitTorrent swarming, but without the use of problematic Torrent websites, says Slyck’s Michael Ingram.

BUT – there’s a but: optional and compulsory adware installs.

“I made eXeem Lite because eXeem has Cydoor spyware that installs on your pc every time you start it up,” Dan (who didn’t want to reveal his full name) told Slyck.

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He believes “Cydoor adware…with a cookie tracker and a banner” will be packed into the full version of eXeem and on top of that, “The optional adware will pose a further threat to new users, who are unlikely to receive a clear warning about any dangers of the additional files,” says Ingram.

“The setup is expected to resemble Ares Galaxy, which gives users the chance to opt-out rather than opt-in” although, “the full version has not yet been seen publicly, so may be safer than some file sharers fear”.

In the meanwhile, Dan is developing eXeem Lite by way of a preemptive strike against eXeem’s potential mass scale invasion of privacy

Check it out here.

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