eDonkey is Alive and Well Living in NJ

By Richard Menta 9/22/05

Earlier this morning we posted an article based on a report by Reuters that eDonkey's parent MetaMachine had closed it offices in New York City. It turns out that was true, MetaMachine did close that office - last year.

"We haven't been operating out of New York City since 2004," MetaMachine President Sam Yagan told Slyck.com today. "Our offices are in New Jersey now."

Chalk it off to a little sloppy reporting by Reuters (check your facts guys before publishing assumptions) and the ferver that the shutdown of WinMX has created. eDonkey is alive and well.

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WinMX is still down as of this writing, but eDonkey never stopped operating . Still, the RIAA has served notice on several P2P services so can't say more interesting things won't happen.

Kudos to Slyck.com for getting the story right.

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