Dell and Napster Hook Up

By Jon Newton 7/06/05

It’s getting harder and harder for students of any age to get an education in the US without being hammered by greedy corporate entities.

Senior US teaching institutions are relentlessly bombarded by the movie and music cartels which, under the pretext of saving students from lawsuits instigated by the cartels themselves, use school admin staffs to run PR campaigns and make sales pitches for commercial music ‘services’ such as Napster II which retail industry ‘product’.

Jon Newton

Hollywood’s slick and venal Joint Committee of the Higher Education and Entertainment Communities keeps things moving.

Now, Dell has talked the University of Washington into using Dell gear to save students from the Big Four record labels.

Starting this fall, "Dell will sell subscriptions to Napster's digital music service to colleges and universities at a discounted academic rate through Dell account executives," it says in a puff piece, which goes on.

"Colleges will be able to use Dell blade servers on campus to store music from Napster's library locally, allowing network processing speed to remain fast while hundreds of students simultaneously download digital music."

According to UW president Mark Emmert it's, "important for universities to establish mechanisms that provide our students with high quality, legal access to the growing body of content available in digital repositories worldwide. This relationship with Dell and Napster will provide us with a state-of-the-art approach to downloading music."

Incidentally, UW faculty, staff and students can also, "purchase discounted computer systems, electronics and DellTM DJ digital music players".

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