KaZaa Blocks Users From the Land of Oz

By Jon Newton 12/6/05

Australian federal court justice Murray Wilcox had given Kazaa until today to comply with an order to come up with a keyword filtering system based on a 3,000-word library supplied by the members of the Big Four Organized Music family.

Sharman was reportedly on the verge of handing off, in effect, to Audible Magic, an application touted heavily by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and which, according to RIAA boss Mitch Bainwol, would have been perfect for the job.

Notwithstanding, lawyer Michael Williams, representing the Big Four's ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association), suddenly cancelled a special expert's meeting in which Audible Magic came up, putting an end to its possible deployment and leaving Sharman in the lurch.

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Former ARIA spokesman Michael Speck is on record as saying the ARIA was interested only closing down Kazaa's "illegal" operations, not in wiping it out.

But ARIA president Stephen Peach recently told the Sydney Morning Herald, "There will have to be filters in place by Dec. 5 or Kazaa will be shut down".

Moreover, Speck retired recently and according to a p2pnet source in Australia, Felicity Moffatt looks likely to become the Big Music 'trade' association's spokeswoman and, "Moffatt said that the Australian record companies were intending to pursue WORLDWIDE damages against Kazaa,".

Update - Several sources are reporting that Sharman Networks is blocking Australian downloads of the KaZaa client. The KaZaa site presently has the words BANNED plastered across its site -- editor


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