RIAA v Brittany Chan Hearing Jan 5

By Jon Newton 12/30/05

With all the media attention on Patti Santangelo, it's easy to forget there are other people being racked by Sony BMG, Warner Music, Vivendi Universal and EMI, the members of the Big Four Organized Music cartel

Tanya Andersen and Cecilia Gonzalez are two such, and Brittany Chan, who was barely 13 when the cartel's RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) first targetted her, is another.

As we posted at the time, "Having already failed once to nail Brittany Chan through her mother, Candy, the Big Music cartel is now going after Britanny again, this time by herself."

Jon Newton

A court held, "that if the RIAA wanted to sue the child, it would have to have a guardian ad litem appointed," said Ray Beckerman on Recording Industry vs The People.

Their scheme is still to in effect bypass Mrs Chan and a hearing has been slated for January 5, "to determine the RIAA's motion for appointment of a guardian ad litem to protect the interests of the defendant".

Of course, looking after Britanny's interests is absolutely the last thing the RIAA or its lawyers have in mind.

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