MP3 Player With Built-in Bluetooth

By Richard Menta 2/15/05

X2 announced yesterday what they claim is the first digital music portable with bluetooth built-in. The X2 MEGA Player 522BT is the latest product from the Irvine California-based company that recently relesed their first PMP portable unit at CES last January.

The MEGA Player 522BT weighs in at 2.5oz. and comes in a 512MB version for $199 and 1GB version for $249. Pretty high considering that the display-less iPod Shuffle is offering their 1GB unit for $50 less than the 512MB X2. But then the 522BT's screen is a high-resolution 128x64 OLED color display, so the X2 unit is clearly competing in the market by being among the first to offer new higher-end features.

"The X2 MEGA Player 522BT brings mobile interaction to the portable digital entertainment experience," says X2 President Rex Wong in the company press release. "With its Bluetooth functionality, users can easily switch from their music to their mobile communications and back in one easy to use and stylish device."

The X2 MEGA Player 522BT

Through the 522BT the company claims "users can sync with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone allowing them to see who's calling on their mobile phone, answer mobile phone calls and record mobile phone conversations". Recording mobile phone conversations, hmmm......that could prove useful to lawyers and members of Homeland Security.

The MEGA Player 522BT plays music in the MP3 and WMA formats, and offers an FM tuner and voice/FM recording. The flash based unit offers a SD/MMC memory slot to expand capacity.

Below are specifications for the unit:

Mega Player 522BT
• Memory Size: 512 MB
• USB Flash Disk:USB 2.0 High Speed
• Digital Audio Player /EQ and SRS effect
• FM Radio /Recording /Language Learning
• Bluetooth function
• SD/MMC Card Reader
• Changable Color Case
• Dual Earphone Jack
• Changeable Startup logo/Screen Saver

Dimension: 55 (W) x 89.83 (D) x 15.2 (H) mm
Weight: 65g (with battery)
USB Flash Disk Meet USB specification revision 2.0
Memory Size: 128 / 256 / 512 MB /1G
Supports OS :Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home/ Pro, MAC OS 9 or above.
(Windows 98SE needs driver installation.)
OLED module Dimension: 23 (L) x 11.98 (W) mm, 128 x 64 pixels
I/O Input
1. Stereo Audio- out, 2.5mm
2. Stereo line-in, 2.5 mm
3. Type B female USB connector
4. SD / MMC card slot
MMC/SD Card reader Supports SD/ MMC Memory Card
(SD CARD support SPI mode)
EMI and Safety FCC Class B, CE, CB, CCC, BSMI & VCCI
Interface Language Supports up to more than 10 languages which may vary from country to country.
Battery Li-ion rechargeable battery (Built-in), 420mAh / 3.7V

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