WikiPod, The iPod Encyclopedia

By Richard Menta 2/09/05

I came across this little posting today on PDATrends. A group is looking to start their own encyclopedia specifically for the iPod and they are soliciting articles for it. The site, which they call WikiPod, uses the same look and graphics of Wikipedia. I don't know if there is any direct relation to Wikipedia, which already has its own articles on the iPod and everything related.

From the posting:

Richard Menta

Wikipod (pronounced Wee-kee-pod) is an iPod Wiki Encyclopedia that is just starting off. What we aim to achieve is to put together the most comprehensive, completely free and non-commercial iPod resource on the Internet to help serve the iPod community...This project is a little experiment that we hope will bear fruits to better serve the iPod community.

There are plenty of iPod sources out there now ranging from iPodlounge to iPoding. Still, a site is measured by its quality and if this site can offer it then it will be a welcomed resource.


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