Viralg Claims it Can Eliminate File Sharing

By Jon Newton 4/19/05

A company in Finland says it's come up with a virtual algorithm “guaranteed” to block p2p file sharing.

Viralg says its turnkey p2p blocker can, “wipe out even the most professional swappers”.

Professional swapper? Never heard of the beast.

Anyway, all you need is Viralg, of course, and a “partner who knows what it is doing” and one such is, says the company, is BMG Finland.

Jon Newton

BMG hasn’t had a lot of luck with its current DRM supplier, SunnComm-that-was, and it could be its German parent is looking for other options.

In the meanwhile, note that Viralg is only promising to block online file sharing which is not, of course, the real problem.

That lies with the pro criminal counterfeiters and duplicators who use physical CDs and DVDs, not file sharing, to wreak havoc with the entertainment industry.


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