StationRipper: Ripping from the Radio Part II

By Jon Newton 4/15/05

Almost exactly a year ago p2pnet reported on Greg Ratajik's StationRipper, an application designed to get you a list of available Shoutcast stations you could record, "creating a single mp3 file for each song the station plays".

"It'll also allow you to record up to 300 streams at one time while its 'Memory Recording' tracks the songs you download, copying the final song file to your music library," we raved at the time.

Jon Newton

"If that song gets re-recorded in the future, it'll skip it so if you end up deleting it, it won't record, 'bloating your collection with music you don't want'. You can schedule it to allow and disallow recordings for off hours, not to speak of telling it to re-launch rips of up to 100 of the last stations you've recorded with a single mouse click."

In short, it's a kind of p2p alternative. So naturally you'd think the Big Music cartel, which doesn't like anyone listening to anything it doesn't have a large piece of, would have been all over Ratajik. But that doesn't seem to be the case.

There's now a free StationRipper with a two broadcast recording limitation. The full version is $15.

"Things have been going very well - lots of users in Denmark, France, and German (about 50% there, 45% US right now)," Ratajik tells sp2pnet.

"I had about 300,000 downloads last month, so the user base is going up. A lot of people I talk to about the software find it's a great alternative to p2p."

The latest rev records Shoutcast audio and video streams, and Podcasts, records up to 600 stations at one time, and a lot of other things.


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