Sony NAS-CZ1 Plays iTunes

By Richard Menta 4/18/05

The NAS in Sony's new NAS-CZ1 stands for Network Audio System and it allows Ethernet and wireless streaming of music from the users PC to any room. To better facilitate the unit's access to PCs that utilize several different music formats the NAS-CZ1 comes with an application called M-crew Server that can interface with other jukebox applications including iTunes.

It is this connection to the iTunes app that has caused a commotion, but it may be overstated. The NAS-CZ1 states it is compatible with MP3, WAV, OMG, WMA and AAC, but if all that means is that it can launch iTunes or MusicMatch and use them as the actual player then that isn't such a big deal.

Sony NAS-CZ1

But some are reading this as the ability for the unit itself to play songs purchased on iTunes, which are wrapped in Apple's proprietary DRM. Sony's press release is quite short and not exactly clear on this, but it looks like all the work is done from the PC as opposed to Sony having access rights to the iTunes DRM.

Otherwise, it is a neat looking wireless/network speaker system. It comes with a remote and will launch in Europe in July. There is no mention of cost or if this unit will reach the US. You can read the press release here.


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