Sony Introduces PSP TV Downloads

By Richard Menta 12/2/05

The recent introduction of video sales on Apple iTunes were met with considerable skepticism until that service sold a million music video and TV show files in its first 20 days. Since that news came out several new offerings were immediately announced. This included an NBC/CBS offering and an announcement by AOL that advertised supported reruns of older television fare will become available this January.

Now Sony has thrown its hat into the ring. Sony, who owns its own movie/TV studio as well as the largest record company, announced that they too will offer video files online.

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If Apple has the iPod with its video capability Sony has the PSP, whose screen resolution and clarity are superior to the iPod's. The screen is larger too with a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

But Sony's new service called "Portable TV" is different from the iTunes service in that it does not sell videos it rents them.

Where iTunes sells hour-long episodes of Lost and desperate Housewives for $1.99 each, Sony will price TV Downloads from between $1 and $3. After one week the shows expire and the files will no longer play.

Hmmmm. Oh, well if Sony thinks consumers will find this a good value good luck to them. The service will focus on the Japanese market first and if successful will eventually move to the states.


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