Sony iTunes for Movies

By Jon Newton 4/1/05

Sony wants to create an "iTunes" for movies, says CNET News in a story quoting a comment Michael Arrieta, senior vp of Sony Pictures, made at a digital media conference.

"We want to set business models, pricing models, distribution models like (Apple Computer CEO Steve) Jobs did for music, but for the film industry," Arrieta said.

With that in mind, Sony plans to digitize Sony Pictures' top 500 films, “and make them available for the first time in various digital environments within the next year,” he said, going on:

Jon Newton

“For example, Sony plans to sell and make films available in flash memory for mobile phones in the next year, Arrieta said. It also will further develop its digital stores for downloading and owning films on the PC."

At the Digital Hollywood conference - a three-day event that began Wednesday - media executives including Arrieta ruminated on ongoing hurdles to giving consumers access to unlimited films, TV shows and multimedia on a range of devices, anywhere at anytime, says CNET, adding, "They agreed that issues surrounding digital rights management, consumer adoption, and simple and compatible consumer electronics remained bottlenecks in the industry."


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