Sony CDs Add New Anti-Piracy Scheme

By Jon Newton 6/01/05

What is it? Two days? Three days?

The mainstream press has been focusing on the ‘news’ of Sony BMG's attempts to stop people from copying its discs for quite a while.

So what's captured their attention this time? "Sterile burning,' a method that’s said to limit how many times someone can copy a diss. DRM supposedly stops the burned disc from being copied repeatedly.

Jon Newton

“Under the new solution, tracks ripped and burned from a copy-protected disc are copied to a blank CD in Microsoft's Windows Media Audio format,” is how CNET explains it. “The DRM embedded on the discs bars the burned CD from being copied.”

It’s the technique that’s sterile. It's the unspeakable in pursuit of the unnattainable, to paraphrase Oscar Wilde yet again.

IF SOMETHING CAN BE SEEN OR HEARD, IT CAN BE COPIED by various analog and digital means.

Below are a few samples of the current headlines:

Sony arms CDs with copy-protection scheme: Xinhua, China - BEIJING, June 1 -- Sony has started shipping compact discs armed with copy-protection technology provided by the UK-based anti-piracy specialist First4Internet …

Sony BMG tests technology to limit CD burning: CNET - As part of its mounting US rollout of content-enhanced and copy-protected CDs, Sony BMG Music Entertainment is testing technology solutions that bar consumers ...

Sony to extend its CD DRM experiment: PC Pro, UK - Sony BMG, the music arm of the consumer electronics giant, is stepping up the introduction new anti-copying software for a range of its music CDs. ...

Sony Tests CD Copy Protection:, India - Sony BMG Music entertainment is testing a technology solution to enhance copy protection of CDs, barring consumers from making additional copies of burned CD-R ...

Sony tests anti-pirate CDs: Inquirer, UK - SONY SAYS that it is testing CDs featuring technology from UK anti-piracy outfit First4Internet, that will allow punters to only make a limited number of copies ...

Sony BMG tests technology to limit CD burning: Reuters - By Brian Garrity. NEW YORK (Billboard) - As part of its mounting US rollout of content-enhanced and copy-protected CDs, Sony BMG ...

Ahhh.. The power of the press.

Fortunately, however, the Net is diverting the mainstream press into a sidewater. No matter what the publishers say.

Jon Newton is the editor of and is a regular contributer to MP3 Newswire. Jon's site is devoted to the politics of digital music and his insights as well as those of his co-writers can be read there. We urge you to explore it.


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