iPod Shuffle Sells Out

By Richard Menta 1/19/05

Those who had their doubts about the iPod Shuffle's ability to be as successful as previous iPods can rest easy. The first shipment of Apple's new digital music portable have sold out.

According to Apple, there is a two- to three-week wait for the $99 iPod Shuffle and a four week wait for the 1GB model that retails for $149.

This should not come as too much a surprise, not just because what the iPod name brings to this player, but because it was priced so aggressively. Competing flash units sell for $50 and more for similar capacity. The iPod Shuffle not only gave Apple its first sub $200 player, it undercut the competition where the competition thought it had its greatest strength, price.

The iPod Shuffle is available on Amazon

Both Dell's CEO Kevin Rollins and Creative Technologies CEO Sim Wong Hoo have publicly put down the new device. Hoo went as far as to ridicule the Shuffle, calling it a throwback and akin to an obsolete version of Creative's previous players. "It's our first generation MuVo One product feature without display, just have a (shuffle feature)", said Hoo. "We had that--that's a four-year-old product."

Those opinions matter little if the Shuffle continues to sell. This is of significant concern fo Hoo, whose company sold 2 million players last quarter, most in that sub $200 player category where Apple didn't participate in until last week.



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