iPod Shuffle Gets Dock

By Richard Menta 2/4/05

Apple has just released a dock for the iPod Shuffle, the first Apple accessory for the new player. The Shuffle's dock retails for $29.00 and should be as popular among shoppers as the Shuffle itself. The iPod Shuffle has been so popular that units are back ordered for weeks with waiting lists at every Apple store.

The photo on the right is courtesy of iPodlounge who picked up a box and gave it a run. As you can see the dock's base is significantly thinner than the base of the old dock. As the iPod Shuffle is lighter than its predecessors, it doesn't need the added bulk for its dock to prevent tipping. It also does not have the full capabilities of previous iPod docks in keeping with the simplicity of the iPod Shuffle itself.

iPod Shuffle in new dock next to regular iPod dock. The Shuffle Dock is available from Amazon

The Shuffle's dock comes with a 4 foot USB 2.0 wire connection (as opposed to a Firewire connection) that integrates with all PCs and Macs. Unlike previous docks, the iPod Shuffle dock cannot serve as an interface between the player and the user's stereo system, but iPodlounge still found it to be a worthwhile accessory.


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