Paramount Sues Ohio Man for File Sharing, But War Drivers May Have Done It.

By Jon Newton 12/14/05

If you use Wi-Fi, make sure war-drivers - or anyone else - can't get at it.

That's the message from a Cincinnati man Paramount claims wantonly shared a flic called Coach Carter with the newly-reformed eDonkey p2p application.

But, "I don't even know what they're talking about," has the man, Russell Lee, saying. "I didn't do it."

Jon Newton

Lee has four computers and, working for Paramount, MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) KeyStone Kops checked all four, "alleging he had one of them cleaned to erase evidence," says the story, going on:

"But Lee claims that because his wireless connection was unsecured at the time, anyone could have parked near or in front of his home, tapped in and then driven off. quotes Lee as warning, "please, if you're using wireless Internet, have somebody install it that knows what they're doing. Because if you don't, they could get in trouble just like me."

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