MP3 Player on the Head of a Pin

By Richard Menta 9/27/05

For the last few years we have seen dozens of DAP manufacturers call their player the "smallest" ever created. A couple could honestly claim that title briefly, but we usually ignore such announcements as the rest are just the product of some market exec's artificial press chatter.

Support Plus Q-Be

The Support Plus Q-Be makes these pages because of the graphic above showing it next to a push pin truly show some impressive dimensions. Those dimensions are 0.94 x 0.94 x 0.94 inches and in that little package you get an OLED screen, MP3/WMA playback and a voice recorder.

As this looks like another Korean brand tapped for the European market you probably won't find this player in North American stores. It does seem perfect for the gadget catalogs who love to tout lines like "It is the Smallest..." so don't be surprised if it turns up there for US sales.


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