PyMusique Opens iTunes Again

By Richard Menta 3/22/05

This may go on for months, a digital rights management (DRM) tug of war between Apple and DVD Jon.

A few days ago DVD Jon and a few cohorts released PyMusique, an application that allow the user to pay for and download songs from iTunes. The catch is that the download occurs before iTunes can add the DRM scheme that restricts the use of those songs. It only took Apple a day to close up that hole by forcing all iTunes users to upgrade to a new version of iTunes that supposedly locked out PyMusique.

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So, within a day PyMusique comes back with its own update and now functions again with iTunes.

The question is how long before Apple updates iTunes again - and asks all iTunes users to upgrade again?

As DVD Jon told CNET "The work I do is completely legal in my country. Of course, I know very well that not doing anything illegal doesn't mean you won't be prosecuted (or) sued."

I suspect Apple will continue to create new blocks for PyMusique. I also expect their lawyers to come out soon too.

The irony here is that people are trying to buy this music as opposed to trading for it online for free. That has to mean something, DRM or not.

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