Apple Disables PyMusique

By Richard Menta 3/22/05

It did not take Apple long to disable PyMusique, the application that allowed users to circumvent the addition of digital rights management (DRM) to the music they buy from iTunes. PyMusique accomplished this by intercepting the purchased file before the final stage where the DRM app FaitPlay was wrapped around the song. Users still paid for the music, they were just no longer encumbered.

Apple released a statement Monday that the hole PyMusique exploited was fixed and the change included in their latest version of iTunes 4.7.1.

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Unfortunately, to accomplish their goal Apple has disabled all but the latest version of iTunes from connecting with the service. As 4.7.1 also added other restrictions that make the songs purchased less mobile, many users were avoiding the upgrade.

Tests by several online sites confirmed that PyMusique can no longer purchase songs, though it can still preview them.

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