Pez Dispenser Becomes MP3 Player.

By Richard Menta 3/26/05

You have to admit, this is a fun one. When popular culture meets digital technology. Of course does Pez count as popular culture or is it simply timeless? I don't care, I always hated those chalky candies while loving the packaging they came in.

So now it looks like someone has figured out how to fit an MP3 player in one of those. A 512MB player to be exact, with a small display that is absent from the iPod Shuffle. Produced by Lincoln West studios, the first batch of 1000 will soon be off the assembly line and on the market.

Pez MP3

While the Pez MP3 will deliver music, these little units will not be pushing the popular consumable pellets. I am quite fine with that. Selling for $129, the player stands to pick up some collector appeal. The Pez MP3 takes the standard Pez heads which are replaceable and runs on one AAA battery.


The Samsung Yepp YH-999 20 GB Portable Media Center is available on Amazon


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