Peerflix Facilitates DVD Trades

By Jon Newton 10/28/05

Peerflix, an online p2p service that allows members to trade DVDs, says it now has more than 100,000 discs available …

… and that new investments will, “optimize its P2P platform for continued growth”.

At $1 per trade, “Peerflix itself carries no inventory and does not participate in the transaction,” the company points out. It, “simply matches people and products while optimizing for trade speed, frequency, and geography”.

Jon Newton

“With Peerflix, we see a legal P2P community that provides mainstream movie fans with a new way to get movies without contracts or high monthly fees," said new investor Battery Ventures.

Peerflix says it has a patent-pending "PeerMailer" which allows users to turn a normal sized piece of paper into a custom DVD envelope and mail it directly to the peer who has requested it.

“Peerflix plans to also introduce U.S. Postal Service tracking information so users know exactly where their requested DVD is located at all times,” it says.

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