Sony PSP Launches at Midnight

By Jon Newton 3/23/05

Tomorrow is PSP Day – the day Sony releases its $250 PlayStation Portable (PSP) on an entirely suspecting world.

Sony's answer to the iPod lets users to play not only music, but also 3D games and full-motion video on a high-res TFT display. Accessories and connectivity options include Memory Stick Duo, USB 2.0, IR port - and Wi-Fi wireless LAN.

But although the PSP is great for games, it’s not good for much else, says Forbes.

Jon Newton

If you listen to music over the built-in speakers, you'll be disappointed and, “You will almost certainly want a good pair of headphones to wear while using the PSP”.

When was the last time you saw someone listing to music without a headset?

But Forbes picks up the most serious lack.

“Since the PSP is already enabled for Wi-Fi, Sony should have included some kind of Web browser,” it says.

MP3 Newswire will be receiving a Sony PSP unit for review in a few days. We will have a month to play with it and hope to give a detailed rundown by end of April. We will place heavier focus on the PSP's audio and video capablities to answer this question: if a PSP owner does not have an MP3 player is there any reason for them to get an iPod in addition to this unit? If the answer is no - and knowing that the Sony PSP will soon be in the hands of millions of users - that can add up to quite a few lost iPod sales. Theoretically, the PSP doesn't have to be better than the iPod in doing these chores, just good enough to give an average consumer pause to spend more money -- editor


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