PyMusique is now Musik

By Jon Newton 4/15/05

Cody Brocious, Travis Watkins and Jon Lech Johansen are now familiar as the people who built PyMusique to allow Linux users to download their $1-a-pop music tracks from iTunes - without the DRM - and to provide an optional GUI for Windows.

Now Brocious and Watkins have teamed up with Alex Goodwin to create the first release of the Musik framework for music store clients.

“In its current state, it supports the iTunes Music Store and the Napster Music store,” they say, going on:

Jon Newton

“We have not finished reverse-engineering the license issues we’re having, but we’re getting close and we should have a release within the next few days so you can use your purchases songs on OS’s not supported by MS.

“This is the successor to pymusique, pystore, etc but it’s not nearly there yet. We’ll keep you posted.”

So will we ; )

For now, Brocious, Watkins and Goodwin say Musik hasn’t been tested on Windows or Mac, “so if you do so, Please post your results!”

Get Musik here.

The iTunes client portion requires the Mcrypt library, available here, and there's a mirror here.


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