BitTorrent in Morpheus 4.7

By Jon Newton 2/10/05

StreamCast Networks, makers of the Morpheus p2p file sharing application, will today unveil Morpheus 4.7 ...

... with BitTorrent on board.

BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen has been kept au fait with the application’s progress, but wasn’t involved in its actual development, a source told p2pnet.

Jon Newton

We asked StreamCast ceo Michael Weiss if the inclusion of BT gives him concerns that his company might wind up on the wrong end of a lawsuit launched by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), which has been targetting BT sites over the past few weeks, even using parents as surrogate movie industry cops.

“There are solutions beyond lawsuits – especially when they’re against dead people,” he said, referring to the RIAA’s (Recording Industry Association of America) recent attempt to sue a deceased 83-year-old grandmother.

“Lawsuits aren’t the answer.

“A better way is to give users the option to purchase a file or content at a fair price using p2p software.”

In the meanwhile, “Everyone is very proud of what’s under the hood this time around,” says the source.

“The big thing is Morpheus 4.7 gives people the ability to search for, and simultaneously download, multiple torrents easily from across the major p2p file sharing networks, and all from within the Morpheus interface.”

Until now, "the only readily available way for users to find and obtain files and content using BitTorrent was both inefficient and, often times, inaccurate, leading to files and web pages that are out of date or are no longer in existence,” says Weiss.

The 4.7 release is the most technologically advanced Morpheus to date and builds on the existing NEOnetT technology. When a user downloads a file, it puts it into a share folder which populates both NEOneT and Gnutella.

“NEOnet is a decentralized peer-to-peer file search and sharing software application,” says Morpheus, emphasizing. “It’s not a network, system or service. It’s content agnostic. It’s also legal.”

Morpheus 4.7 could ultimately enhance Gnutella’s robustness, adds the source.

Morpheus 4.7 is ad-supported and available as a free download here. The Morpheus Ultra ad-free version is going for $19.95 here.

To date, the Morpheus software has been downloaded more than 130 million times, says StreamCast.


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