Microsoft Movie Subscription Service Coming?

By Richard Menta 12/11/05

Word is flying across the Net that Apple's recently debuted TV download service will have a little company soon from none other that its pals at Microsoft. Yup, it looks like the boys at Redmond are building their own service, no doubt to offer similar files, but utilizing Microsoft's own video codecs.

Information is quite sketchy at the moment so we can't say if the files offered will be of broadcast and cable television fare or if Microsoft came to an understanding with any of the movie studios for popular films to post online. No doubt these files will be made to work on mobile players that use the MS Portable Media Center technology.

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It may be pointed out to that Microsoft is not just going after Apple's iPod/iTunes pairing, but also against Sony's successful PSP/UMD strategy in the portable market. That makes two competitors with competing technology already established in the market place. Is there room for a third?

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