LokiTorrent Data Fears Revived

By Jon Newton 2/14/05

Claims by an unidentified Slyck informant that the MPAA won’t be able to do much with information gleaned from LokiTorrent data should be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

That’s the opinion of a source who states unequivocally, “Lokitorrent had its own tracker that recorded Lokitorrent user-names and log-in times. The site kept logs of which users downloaded which torrents.

"Even a monkey (putting this well within the reach of the MPAA/RIAA) could correlate the IP address of the person who logged in on a account to someone who used the tracker.

Jon Newton

“*NO* static IP address needed.”

The Big Seven movie studios’ MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) was able to use America’s legal system to get a court order which allowed it to close down the LokiTorrent BT site.

It also used the document to coerce LokiTorrent admin Edward Webber into handing over logs and server data related to his, “illegal BitTorrent activities, which will provide a roadmap to others who have used LokiTorrent to engage in illegal activities," as the studios put it.

‘Paul’ said, in effect, Not to Worry – not too much, anyway.

But our source says Worry! because the MPAA will have access to:

“Lokitorrent did correlate information from the tracker with the logged in users,” she says. “No static IP address needed, lots of information for the MPAA.

“Lokitorrent was designed to be a system that has lots of logs, and to reward users who share. But you can’t reward users that share without effective logging combined with tracker data. QED.

“Ask anyone who knows about Bittorrent what information could be gathered with a identifying log-in token and a tracker.

“The irony is that the users that have donated have given their email addresses/contact information to Lokitorrent and allowed the MPAA a heads-up as to their opposition.

“Whom do you think the MPAA is going to go for first?

“Those who gave funds to attack them maybe?"

Jon Newton is the editor of p2pnet.net and is a regular contributer to MP3 Newswire. Jon's site is devoted to the politics of digital music and his insights as well as those of his co-writers can be read there. We urge you to explore it.

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