Limewire Improves Security

By Jon Newton 12/22/05

"Although file hashing has been instrumental in the development of P2P networking, Limewire hopes its latest efforts are just as ground breaking," says Slyck. "A result of the initial efforts of a Frostwire developer, Limewire has brought spam filtering to their latest public release."

LimeWire was significantly affected by the Grokster decision and soon afterwards came news of a LimeWire DRM (Digital Restriction Management) filter.

FrostWire, run by LimeWire/Gnutella aficianados, came into being as, "an absolutely free Gnutella P2P application" without any form of DRM, and remains thus.

Jon Newton

LimeWire basic is also free. The Pro version costs $19.00.

The company's anti-spam project, which began public beta testing under version 4.9.38 (12/13/05), "appears effective and public reception on Limewire’s forums seem favorable," says Slyck.

And probably more important, "This release does not contain the anticipated DRM-filter."

Will an anti-spam filter be enough to bring LimeWire back with DRM continuing to lurk in the background?

Meanwhile, what of Frostwire? It anticipates a matching release by Christmas, adds the story.

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