FrostWire Beta Online

By John Newton 10/14/05

“FrostWire seems to be chugging along,” we emailed LimeWire’s Greg Bildson earlier today, going on, “This means the basic LimeWire will continue. Are you guys glad to see that happening?

“In the meanwhile, when do you expect to have your DRM version of LimeWire ready to go?

“And will it be released as an upgrade or a completely new version?

“Please, respond even it's to say No Comment.”

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We were asking because the FrostWire beta is now online but fortunately, we weren’t holding our breath because LimeWire is continuing to be unavailable and we understand the LW folks aren’t talking to FrostWire either.

“We are trying to maintain good relations to the LimeWire project,” say the Frostees. “The FrostWire team (all of whom are still members of the LimeWire open-source community) regrets LimeWire's decision to start filtering content on Gnutella. However, we will continue supporting LimeWire development and do not wish to make fundamental changes to the LimeWire core itself. FrostWire will not break with LimeWire's design philosophy.

“FrostWire however, will never offer a PRO version. The FrostWire project will always remain strictly non-profit and free of any bundled software, including any ads or nags.”

Emphasising that he wasn't speaking for everyone, “personally I could have done with less attention through the media,” one of the team told p2pnet.

“All the coverage puts us under a lot of pressure to meet the undoubtedly high expectations from the LimeWire users and the p2p community as a whole, while we're still trying to sort out the development/release processes and prepare the necessary infrastructure so FrostWire will work as a community driven development effort.”

Meanwhile, when we had a look, there were 80 registered users (p2pnet being the 80th ; ) and, “We are currently getting a lot more publicity than we could have hoped for, and managing the project is a little chaotic at the moment,” says the site.

“A lot of people are wishing to join the FrostWire team and we have little routine in delegating tasks. We thank all the people who have so far offered to help the FrostWire team and we ask you to be a little patient with us, while we get settled.”

And the logo contest is going like the clappers, too. Check the entries out here.

FrostWire 4.9.33 BETA

Linux Download
The linux rpm has so far only been tested on SuSE 9.3. Since FrostWire is not linked against any system libraries, it should work on other linux systems, too.

MacOSX Download

Windows Download

Other Download
This package contains all files necessary to run FrostWire on any operating system. Just unzip it and start the FrostWire.jar (this is done by double-clicking on it on some operating systems or running it with "java -jar FrostWire.jar from the system shell).

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