FireWire No Longer With iPod

By Richard Menta 2/24/05

:The first time I heard about FireWire was in 1993, when Apple promised it would be included in the delivery of their first PowerPC driven Macs. It didn't appear then nor for another few years, but Apple's committment to this new, fast connection was unwavered by the long delay in introducing it.

That's why when I was writing about Apple's recent refresh of its iPode line, what surprised me was its announcement that these players will no longer include a FireWire cable. To save costs to help defray the price cuts this refresh has brought, iPods will only come with a USB 2.0 connection.

Richard Menta

This fact has been nagging at me since I learned the news. The reasons make sense as most iPod users are Windows users and most windows users don't have FireWire. It was a business decision.

But it was also a business decision to promote FireWire in the first place. Most PC manufacturers opted to update the aging USB 1.0 technology, by choosing USB 2.0, not FireWire. FireWire had its chance, several years of it. This is unnofficial announcement that it has lost the big market ambitions of Apple for it.

You can still buy a FireWire cable separately for your iPod, it is still supported.

It just won't be the standard.


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