MP3 Frees the Music of Fiona Apple

By Jon Newton 3/18/05

Fiona Apple’s album "Extraordinary Machine" was finished more than two years ago, “but was quickly shelved" because the “sad corporate drones” over at Sony didn't “hear a single” and, “because it doesn't sound exactly like Norah Jones and because they're, well, corporate drones,” writes the San Francisco Chronicle’s Mark Morford.

“They dictate cultural tastes based on relatively narrow and often deeply ignorant criteria related to marketing and money and fear of the new and the different.

Jon Newton

“This is what they do."

That is indeed what they do.

Anway, "Extraordinary Machine" somehow ended up online in its entirety and the End 107.7 in Seattle has apparently been playing almost every track, “and it's all much more finished and incredible than anyone thought,” says the Chronicle piece, going on:

“And fans have been whipping the tracks into high-quality MP3s and splaying them all over the Net, and Rolling Stone and MTV and other media have picked up on the odd story, noting how fans are calling into the station like mad and most everyone loves the songs and protest Web sites like (alongside dedicated fan sites like have popped up to try and get some action and yet Sony refuses to actually release the album and the corporate drones remain mum and everyone's wondering just what the hell's going on.

“Is it the dumbest test-marketing scheme in Sony history? Is it a silly corporate ploy to gauge fan interest two years after the album should have been released? The DJ, apparently, ain't telling where he got his copy, but, so far, he has yet to receive a cease-and-desist from Sony, and, while some ISPs are sending threatening notes to bloggers who post the songs and the RIAA is probably having colon spasms, the songs aren't exactly all that difficult to find.”

Check it out here, or just plug Extraordinary Machine into your favourite search engine ; )

THIS is what p2p and file sharing is all about.

Stay tuned.

The big joke here is that P2P will probably market this record so well, Sony will release it, make millions and give all the credit to their executives. At they same time they will point to file sharing and cry how it is costing Fiona's Extraordinary Machine millions in theft. Mendacity --- editor.


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