Creative Zen chases Apple iPod

By Jon Newton 3/3/05

Creative, maker of the Zen Micro mp3 player, has answered the Apple iPod price drops with cuts of its own.

Its new Zen Micro 4-gig mp3 player is priced at $179.99 after a $20 mail-in rebate, the Zen Micro 5-gig mp3 player at $229.99, and the Zen Micro 6-gig model at $249.99, says the company.

“With the introduction of the Zen Micro 4GB MP3 player at the incredibly low price of only $179, we offer superior features and more than twice the song capacity of the 4GB iPod mini at a substantially better price,” states Creative chairman and ceo Sim Wong Hoo.

Jon Newton

And responding iPod’s new ‘vibrant’ colours marketing hook, “we offer the Zen Micro in 10 different colors, giving consumers a wide range of choices, from red, light or dark blue, orange or green, to pink, purple, silver, black and white," he says.

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