CBS Streams TV Favorites Free

By Richard Menta 12/28/05

One of the issues that amuse me is the sheep mentality that tends to run through major content providers with regards to utilizing the Internet as a distribution conduit. Here we have the most efficient distribution mechanism ever to appear and few major content suppliers will venture into any form of business model experiment until someone else (who they deem important enough like Apple) does it first. When someone does - and it always seems to be Apple - then everyone rushes to follow within weeks.

I have written about the advantages of making television episodes available online since 2000. In a number of them I wrote about how it can bring new life to older shows crowded out of syndication and new shows looking to build their audience. Such early essays were mostly ignored by corporate America.

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Now iTunes' relatively successful attempt to sell episodes of popular TV fare online has sent a rush of networks and content providers to put their shows on the Net. The good news is that they are at least experimenting with business models other than what iTunes has developed.

CBS recently announced that for one week it will offer free streams through Yahoo of one of its mosts popular shows, Two and a Half Men, as well as one of the new shows it introduced this season, How I Met Your Mother. The promotion is providing this content commercial-free, which suggests that CBS plans to sell access to programs online in the future.


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