BitTorrent gets $8.75 million

By John Newton 9/27/05

Bram Cohen’s days of nickel-and-diming it through donations are over. He's Hollywood bound.

He and partner Ashwin Navin have raised $8.75 million from a venture capital firm DCM-Doll Capital Management, says USA Today.

The money will be used to “improve its [BitTorrent’s] infrastructure and make it more appealing to Hollywood,” says the story.

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"The piracy business is not something anyone can make money on," Navin is quoted as saying. "We want to distribute paid and ad-supported content, using this technology."

BitTorrent is becoming a critical player in “bringing content to market online for the entertainment industry,” Navin said recently.

“The Internet tears down so many limits that the industry endured using physical distribution," he says, "and now, thanks to the efficiency of BitTorrent, the entertainment industry can securely offer unlimited selection at aggressive prices to a global audience.”

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