Apple to Announce Quarter Sales Figures

By Richard Menta 4/12/05

So the questions are many as Apple prepares its address to investors tomorrow to reveal second quarter results. How successful is the iPod Shuffle? Are sales of the Shuffle canibalizing the sales of Apple's other iPod players? Has Apple's overall market share grown or shrunk under the barrage of hundreds of competing MP3 players hitting store shelves?

And what about the Mac Mini? Is it a modest sales success or has Apple finally found the product that will wean Windows users away from Redmond?

Richard Menta

That last question is important if indeed the Mac Mini is destined to be the media box Robert X. Cringley thinks it will be.

But at this stage why speculate? At 2:00pm pacific time, 5:00pm eastern Steve Jobs will reveal all. And then it will be time for us analysts to take the numbers, strip away the Apple spin and make some conclusions if not prognostications.

A little patience is all that is needed. For those of you who want to get the news as soon as possible Apple will stream the results live. You can access the stream here.


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