iPod Sales Surge

By Richard Menta 7/14/05

Rumors several weeks back suggested that Apple had a backlog of Shuffle players and that this should be taken as a sign that iPod sales were off. Naaa, it just meant Jobs and co. at worst overproduced to meet a surging demand.

The numbers are in and Apple again topped sales expectations. The company sold a record 6.16 million iPods, up significantly (about 16%) from the 5.31 iPods they sold last quarter. As for Mac sales the announcement that Apple was switching to Intel chips didn't seem to hurt either as Mac sales grew by 10% this last quarter and 35% for the year.

Richard Menta

So far Apple has managed to sustain its dominance in the Americas and Europe, but the competition is still lurking in the background and poised with marketing dollars to take a bigger bite out of the growing MP3 player market. Sony is already having some success. As Reuters reports today Sony has taken the top spot from Apple in Japan. They have not had nearly as much success in the west, but the Sony brand is well known here and as time goes by the iPod hype will slip as MP3 players become just a common mundane electronic product.

A mundane product that will sell 109 million units by 2009 according to In-Stat.


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