Amazon and Sony Take Back Copy-Protected CDs

By Jon Newton 11/19/05 says it'll reimburse customers who bought Sony BMG CDs infected with Sony BMG's First4Internet XCP DRM spyware.

"The offer has been made in an e-mail sent to Amazon customers known to have bought a CD by one of the 52 Sony which contained the XCP software," says the BBC.

"Customers can get the refund by sending back the CD, even if they have not used the disc in their computers."

Jon Newton

In the message, Amazon tells customers who bought one or more of the affected CDs that the digital rights management they use has raised "security concerns" and asks customers to return the CD to Amazon for a full refund.

Meanwhile, Boing Boing has a two part timeline and roundup on the Sony DRM fiasco.

Go here for part 1


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