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By Jon Newton 4/4/05

With file sharing on the Supreme Court's docket we have to remember that any decision by the high court only applies within the US. Other countries are free to legalize or criminalize file sharing and the products that allow them as they see fit. What happens if the country is Cuba? Much of the record and movie industry's efforts will only chase digital media services overseas in places where they are far mor difficult to stop - or work in agreement with -- editor

Would you pay $30 a month for unencumbered movie downloads?

Jon Newton

AfterDawn thinks so, which is why it wants to start, “the world's first legal “ DRM-less BitTorrent movie download service with unlimited downloads of DVD-quality movies, “competing directly against the movie industry heavy-weights such as Blockbuster and Hollywood -backed movie download services such as Movielink”.

AfterDawn is owned by Cuban AfterDawn Holdings and, "As Cuba's Internet connections aren't suitable for delivering DVD-quality movies to thousands of users directly, we've decided to use BitTorrent network as our main method of delivering the movies, thus cutting down the bandwidth costs by up to 90 percent compared to our competitors,” says cto Jari Ketola. “This helps us to deliver the savings directly to our customers."

Certain Hollywood studios have apparently already expressed concern, but because the service is based in Cuba, “the odds seem to be on AfterDawn Holding's side,” it says, going on:

“Legal experts say that the operation resembles the notorious Movie88's service, but as the service is hosted in a country that doesn't recognize WIPO's worldwide copyright mandates, it is highly likely to succeed.”

The company will deliver the movies using the “old, but reliable MPEG-2 video encoding” instead of MPEG-4.

“This also eases the process of transferring the movies to the Net, as the movies don't need any re-encoding when they're transferred from DVD-Video discs to DVD images,” says AfterDawn.

“Users will also benefit from our solution, because the files can be easily burned to blank DVDR discs and watched on a regular DVD player rather than with a desktop computer", says Ketola.

Spokesman James Delahunty says the new service will launch by the end of the year and will be available worldwide.

“Service will feature thousands of Hollywood movies, including all the latest blockbusters,” he promises.


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