Apple iPhone, iPad, iOS: What We Know

By Richard Menta 5/26/13


...and I am being less tongue-and-cheek than you think.

Apple usually has two big product announcement events every year; fall and spring. This unveiling of the electronic make's latest greatest has evolved into the most anticipated corporate fashion event for both the online and the traditional press. It's no surprise why. These days it seems anything with Apple in the title draws massive readership. The same thing goes for stories with the keywords; iPhone, iPad, iPod and iOS.

This is why anytime there is a theft, and an Apple device is among the stolen articles, that device name is added to the headline. It is why there are so many recaps of five-day old Apple announcements. It is also why "rumors from a reliable source" immediately appear around February and September, presaging the inevitable event. These rumors invariably include the date of the Apple event; which this year was March…until Apple held no such event. And then it was April! Nope, no event. That means it is definitely in May this year!

Richard Menta


June! June, it's in June!

With spring melding into summer I find that I am now starting to read stories about how Apple is "desperate" for new products, in decline, and has lost it's cool; all from reliable sources natch. I guess this is the byproduct of a press that feels Apple has double-crossed them. The biggest media titans and the smallest tech blogs indulge in the rumor morass. MP3 Newswire has been no different, though we tend to comment on the validity of other's rumors than dig them up ourselves. We do that because early on we realized that most of the rumors were nothing more than an assemblage of fake photoshop jpg's and fan fiction designed to generate eyeballs for their collective publications.

Is there an iWatch? We couldn't tell you, but that rumor has generated so much supposed evidence that I consciously chose not to put the word evidence in quotes as they are already over-proliferate in this commentary. But this year is different. This year Apple chose not to deliver a dog-and-pony show to the press when Apple trained them to expect it. The end result is a collective jones that left so many tech journalists in need of a fix that they rushed Google's event last week with an array of live streams and product updates stories.

The collective word now is that Apple is in trouble. I doubt a company with over a hundred billion dollars in cash in the bank is in trouble, even if they were dragged into Congress this past week over off-shoring taxable income. If you want to see how well Apple is doing just walk into an Apple store. The crowd they draw in good times and bad is the most effective barometer that exists. As for product news, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is next month, so the press will finally get something concrete to tickle their keyboards over. A new iPad? iOS 7? the iPhone 6? an Apple branded TV? That's the problem with the false rumors, it's easy to get disappointed.

At 8:58 this morning, as I am literally writing this musing, a suspiciously convenient pop-up window came up on my PC letting me know there is an update for iTunes.

I can't wait for June! I have a rumor!!


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