Samsung Muse: Finally a New MP3 Player From a Name Brand Not Named iPod.

By Richard Menta 12/7/12

Hurray! I finally found a newly introduced basic MP3 player. As I wrote a few weeks ago it appeared that all of the brand name digital audio portables not named iPod had abandoned the market, seemingly leaving it to whatever generic Korean or Chinese makes that were able to score shelf space at the local Target or WalMart. Now here we are with the holiday season well under way and Samsung brings out the Muse.

The unit reminds us of the pebble-like Creative Zen Stone from 2007. Introduced today - two weeks after Black Friday and thus missing a good piece of the holiday shopping season - the Samsung Muse is particularly notable, because the unit eschews a PC or WiFi connection to the cloud for it's music transfers. Instead the Muse is designed to sync audio files from a smartphone.

This is interesting, because Samsung is betting that there are a significant amount of people out there who would rather shift back to a separate audio-only player to avoid chewing up their phone's charge. Also, smartphones are considerably bigger than the straight phonen we had just a few years ago and thus are not ideal for more active activities like jogging.

The Muse is designed to work with Samsung phones, suggesting the company is specifically targeting existing customers and leveraging brand loyalty. Smartphones supported include the Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy S II Skyrocket.

The 4GB player gets 6 hours to the charge and retails for $49.95. For now the unit is only available from Samsung's website, suggesting the comapny is also eschewing the brick and mortar stores as part of its sales strategy.

Samsung Muse



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