Clipped Along with YouTube-MP3

By Richard Menta 6/19/12

There is a ton of music on YouTube ranging from professionally produced major label videos to home grown live performances to simple clips of rotating out of print 45s. Naturally, many people want to capture some of this music on their iPod so they can listen to it without the need of a nearby WiFi signal. As is the way of the Internet, solutions appeared and conversion sites sprung up to free the audio from its tether.

TorrentFreak alerted us this morning that Google has decided to bring the hammer down on such sites. According to TorrentFreak Google launched its assault with a letter to, a site that pulls in 1.3 visitors every day by Google's estimation. From the article:

In a letter dated June 8 sent to the site owner ‘Philip’ and shared with TorrentFreak, Associate Product Counsel at YouTube Harris Cohen makes the company’s position clear. Citing the ToS for YouTube’s API, Cohen insists that offering any kind of service that allows YouTube content to be downloaded (as opposed to simply streamed) is prohibited. Furthermore, Cohen underlines the fact that to “separate, isolate, or modify the audio or video components of any YouTube audiovisual content made available through the YouTube API” is forbidden, as is externally storing copies of YouTube content. Continuing to violate these restrictions, Cohen warns, may result in “legal consequences” for YouTube-mp3. The site has been given seven days to comply.

Phillip told TorrentFreak that he contacted Google to discuss the matter. Google responded by blocking all of's servers from accessing YouTube.

A few days before Google's letter to, Digital Music News ran an article following the dramatic growth of another YouTube conversion site "Just like so many circumvention tools before it", noted Digital Music News, "But this one is downright simple-stupid to use, and it's growing really, really fast".

Well, it was growing. After reading the TorrentFreak article visited the site to see if there was anything that might hint that they received a letter. I strongly suspect they did given the note posted on the home page. "We're sorry to announce this, but has shut its service down for good".

An update on the TorrentFreak article states that they were informed that Google may be targeting other similar services, further validating the notion that was clipped by Google.

We'll keep you updated if other sites are targeted.





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