Skreemr Down for Days

By Richard Menta 10/6/10

Seeqpod is long gone. Has Skreemr joined it?

Since Monday, when you go to the site, all you see is a single line of text that says Frequently, this just means the site is going through some technical update. But, now it's Wednesday and the site is still down suggesting something more ominous might have befallen the MP3 search site. Maybe, but not necessarily.

I can find nothing on the web that has noticed that Skreemr has been down for days. I have also not found any recent sabre rattling from copyright interests trying to force the site into oblivion as a haven for illicit downloads. Like Seeqpod, which bowed under the pressure of industry lawsuits, Skreemr says it is just a specialized search engine, no different than Google, and thus is protected under the DMCA.

We'll keep an eye out and post an update if Skreemr returns.

Richard Menta

Update: Thursday 11:30 AM - The site still only says No announcement from the company of any kind related to the site's status.

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