RIAA Site Attacked

By Richard Menta 10/30/10

It is very possible that Anonymous is indeed just an individual and Operation Payback is one person's attempt to rally those who are already very angry at the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and the major labels to protest with action. Whether it's one or more people, what is clear is that he/they had the skills to openly telegraph their intent to take down the RIAA web site days in advance and still manage to rip it offline. The site was brought down at 5 pm and remained down until Saturday morning.

Anonymous claims that the action was is response to a court order that shut down the mosts popular P2P client since KaZaa. "[W]e started with Denial of Service attacks; we started the protest of the future by targeting websites of lobbying groups and law firms that abuse copyright law", said the Operation Payback site in a manefesto of sorts. "We simply will no longer be ignored". Anonymous calls for protesters to bombard the organization with purile activities like pizza deliveries, prank calls and black faxes to disrupt daily activity. Purile, but potentially disuptive if enough like-minded music fans heed the call.

Richard Menta

And will they? As George Ziemann points out "the RIAA taught the college students to hate them" and there are a lot of people fed up legal attacks against what they see as consumer-friendly products and innovations (which started with the industry lawsuit against the Diamond Rio company in 1998 to outlaw the MP3 Player). Still, the action plays more as a media attention grab, one which the major media has so far ignored if Google News offers any insight. As of this writing only PC Magazine, Radio Ink, P2Pnet, and Slyck have articles on Google News. Digital Music News, whose stories do not appear on Google News, also wrote about the attack.


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