iAd Pulls $60M From Advertisers

By Richard Menta 6/6/10

It looks like iAd is coming out of the gates very strongly. Apple announced it already secured $60 million from sponsors for the iAd launch.

There has been considerable speculation (see iAd and the Apple Broadcast Network) followed by considerable skepticism as to what Apple will do different with iAd that will make it's brand of mobile advertising more appealing to the corporations that spend billions of dollars each year hawking their goods. iAd just gave 60 million reasons from sponsors as disparate as Nissan, Citi, Unilever, AT&T, GE, Liberty Mutual, and JC Penny.

The question here is will iAd deliver $60 million in value to these sponsors and it is only fair to wait and let Apple do just that. Jobs projects that iAd will take half of the total mobile advertising market by the end of 2010.

iAd launches July 1st and it is part of the new iPhone OS upgrade, now renamed iOS4. To ensure as many people upgrade to iOS4 - a very robust upgrade I must point out - to get iAD ability Apple is offering the upgrade for free. iOS4 will be available June 21st.

Richard Menta

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