Waterproof SwiMP3 is for Laps Around the Pool

By Richard Menta 10/25/04

Ever since I have been reviewing MP3 players I frequently found myself dragging one of these demo units into the gym or outside for a jog. Music seems to be the best tonic for the more tediously repetitive exercises as well as for keeping time and pace during a good run.

Being an owner of an in-ground pool, I had no such option when I took my laps this summer. The good news is now I have something to look forward to for next summer.

Finis, a manufacturer of aquatic training products has just announced the release of its waterproof SwiMP3 player. The player, targeted for "swimmers, triathletes, surfers, synchronized swimmers", allows active users to listen to their music underwater.

The secret of the SwiMP3 (pronounced Swim-P-3) is that music is not transfered directly to the ears via standard earbuds or headphones. That's because regular ear gear requires an undisturbed medium (air or water actually) to transfer the music to the inner ear. Clear sound cannot be guaranteed by this method because of the turbulance created as a swimmer glides through the water.

Instead the SwiMP3 uses bone conduction to deliver audio. Bone conduction stimulates the fluids in the inner ear through any of the bones of the skull. The SwiMP3 pulses soundwaves by this method through the cheekbone.

The SwiMP3 comes with 128MB of memory, is Mac and PC compatible and retails for $250.

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