The Bose iPod SoundDock

By Richard Menta 9/21/04

It is difficult for anyone who has followed the growth of digital music to doubt the influence of the iPod. Still, when a company like Bose, a high cost/high end electronics manufacturer, specifically makes accessories for one of your products...well, that's validation.

But if we are talking high end, then the iPod's cost is nothing to sneeze at. In fact, it is a perfect marketing target for Bose, an audience that drops $300-500 for an MP3 player. A relatively young audience that is more willing to grow into the $1500 + systems that Bose markets just like those who buy the baby BMW will grow into that auto manufacturers 520 series as they age.

"The iPod allows music lovers to listen to their entire music collection anywhere -- on the go, in the car, and in the home," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's VP of Hardware Product Marketing in a Bose press release. "We're excited that Bose is introducing the SoundDock so iPod customers can easily bring high quality music to any room in their home."

Styled in a matching white shell the SoundDock measures 6 5/8" high by 11 7/8" wide and only 6 1/2" deep. The SoundDock wll accomodate all flavors of iPod including the iPod Mini.

The new speaker system sells for $299 and will be sold in both Bose and Apple retail stores.


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