Meet Morpheus 4.5 with NeoNet

By Jon Newton 10/5/04

StreamCast Networks has released Morpheus 4.5 with NEOnet, new technology it describes as "revolutionary' and which it says delivers the most reliable search results and file accuracy currently available.

"With NEOnet, users can find the needle and not just the haystack" says StreamCast ceo Michael Weiss.

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"Morpheus 4.5 is a genuine leap forward in advancing peer-to-peer file-sharing and searching, thanks to the horizonless search capabilities of the NEOnet technology. For the first time ever, decentralized P2P technology delivers central server reliability in a completely decentralized architecture to provide a quality of service unparalleled by existing applications."

Morpheus 4.5 users will be able to create their own ad-hoc file-sharing as well as being able to search other existing file sharing networks including Gnutella, eDonkey and FastTrack, says Weiss.

The Neo Network is completely decentralized meaning all computer "nodes" on the network function individually, without the need for any central server or hub.

Computers within the Neo Network communicate directly with each other.

"Unlike currently existing P2P technologies, NEOnet allows users to search the entire spectrum of the network, what we call horizonless search, and to find the specific file that a user wants," Ben Wilken, architect of the underlying technology to NEOnet, says.

"Existing technologies only search small clusters of computers until a file is found and it's not uncommon for searches using other technologies to require anywhere from six to sixteen hops to find a specific file.

"Now, however, because of its ability to see the entire network at once, Morpheus with NEOnet allows users to find that file within three hops or less, significantly reducing the network congestion caused by peer-to-peer usage by up to 600%."

NEOnet technology and the resulting Neo Network are fully scalable and will continue to grow as new Morpheus with NEOnet users add themselves to the network, says StreamCast.

Morpheus also offers users the ability to search for and download files across all the major peer-to-peer file-sharing networks and connects to Kazaa, iMesh, Grokster; eDonkey; Overnet; Gnutella, LimeWire, Bearshare and XoloX users - seven million simultaneous users at any given time.

Other features include:

Morpheus 4.5 also lets users seamlessly search and share files with users of all other major p2p applications and networks, adds StreamCast.


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