Induce Act Stalls in Congress

By Richard Menta 10/08/04

The Induce Act - a bill sponsored by Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah that among other things would make illegal the P2P services that the courts have already declared legal - has stalled in the Senate according to the NY Post.

Complaints by technlogy groups and organizations as well as a grass roots effort by users had their intended effect of slowing down a bill that could have had catastrophic implications for technology products well beyond the scope of digital music and file trading.

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Senator Hatch, sensing the impasse, cancelled plans to present the bill to the judiciary committee. This does not mean that the bill is dead, Hatch speaks of re-tooling it and introducing it early next year. Still, resistance to the bill from groups as disparate as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF),, and the large electronic manufacturers was enough to derail the bill's ascent through Congress for now.


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